Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a vehicle?

We have various vehicles that have different rates and it depends on how long you will be renting. Please call us at 641-450-0100 so we can accurately quote you a price for your needs.

2. How can I pay for my rental?

Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash or Approved local checks only.


  1. We need 3 current proofs of residency, from the following list;
    • Current Lease or mortgage papers
    • Current Phone Bill
    • Current Bank Statement
    • Current Utility bill
    • Current Cable bill
    • Current Tax Return
    • Current Department store charge bill
  2. Proofs are required to be in the name of the individual renting the vehicle.
  3. Proofs must show current address.
  4. Address is required to be the same on all proofs.
  5. A Cash Application Form is also required.

3. Is there a fee for canceling or changing a reservation?

Canellations or changes of reservations are free of charge until 48 hours prior to start of rental. You will get a full refund. No refund will be given for cancellations less than 48 hours prior to departure or after the start of your rental. In the case of an official "Force Majeure"(beyond our control) we charge a $30 administration fee. When changing a reservation, the current rates apply.

4. What do I need when I pick up the vehicle?

Driver of the vehicle is required to be present. A valid Driver's License. Current Proof of Insurance. Form of payment (see #1 for further instructions on a cash payment).

5. Do you have a mileage limit?

Yes. You will be allowed 150 miles per day for the number of days that you rent the vehicle.

For example: 3 days of rental will be allowed 450 miles.

6. Do I need to fill the vehicle with gas before I return it?

Yes. You must re-fuel the vehicle within 5 miles of Auto Rentals of North Iowa.

7. Can the vehicle be delivered to my location, for example, the hotel I am staying at?

In some cases it is possible to pick you up & bring you to our office to complete paperwork & then pick up your vehicle. This service is free within a 20 mile radius. Otherwise a fee will be charged.

8. Do you offer one way rentals?

No. We do not offer one way rentals.

9. What are the costs for an additional driver?

If it is your spouse, there is not a fee. We will need a copy of their Driver's License however.

10. Do you rent to someone under 21 years of age?

Not at this time.

11. How do I schedule a rental?

Please give us a call at 641-450-0100.

12. What sort of insurance options are there?

There is Renters Collision Protection & Renters Personal Protection. Please call us at 641-450-0100 for further information regarding insurance coverage.

13. What time of day can I return my car rental?

Auto Rentals of North Iowa business hours are from 8am to 5pm. Rentals need to be returned during business hours.

14. Can I extend my rental if I need the vehicle longer?

Yes you can. However, a new rental agreement is required to be signed.

Accepted Credit Cards